Horror Stories 3 (Korean Movie), Synopsis, Detail, Cast and Trailer

Horror Stories 3 is a Korean movie that will be released on June 2, 2016 in South Korea. This movie has 4 directors: Baek Seung-Bin, Kim Sun, Kim Gok, Min Kyu-Dyong and starring Im Seul-Ong, Kyung Soo-Jin, Park Jung-Min and Hong Eun-Hee. Distributed by Lotte Entertainment this drama will be running for 94 min. Let's read about Horror Stories 3 (Korean Movie), Synopsis, Detail, Cast and Trailer below.

Horror Stories 3 Korean Movie
Horror Stories 3 Korean Movie

Horror Stories 3 Synopsis

Horror Stories 3 will has three horror stories, with each set in the past, present and future. 

The story of the Past - The Horrible tale 'Fox Valley' - 'Man is not the lord of creation. In fact, they are a parasite'.
A scholar Saengwon Lee (Im Seul-Ong) who was heading to his hometown after he successfully finished his Civil Service examination. He is chased down by a gang of robbers all of sudden and finds himself in a remote village after he ran and ran to save his own life. He decides to stay one night at a house, where a mysterious woman and one elderly person reside. However, the place he ended up happens to be the Fox Valley, where people say no one could get out alive! Saengwon Lee is trying to escape the Fox Valley to save his life.

Story of the Present - The Horror story of instinct of speed 'Road Rage' - 'Why kill people? I don’t know'

Dong-Geun (Park Jung-Min) and Soo-Jin (Kyung Soo-Jin) were driving on a highway late at night. A strange freight truck appears in front of them. As the truck keeps passing their car and blocking them several times, Dong-geun gets angrier each time and tries to pass the truck by driving even more violently. However, the freight truck won’t give up either and keeps following them, then threatens Dong-geun and Soo-jin. On a dark night, the horrible speed competition accompanied by rage begins!

Story of the future - The Horror story of Artificial Intelligence 'Ghost of Machine' - 'We will be together, forever'

An artificial intelligence robot, Doon-ko makes the best friend for a young boy, Jin-goo in place of his mom Ye-Seon (Hong Eun-hee). Jin-goo and Doon-ko have been together for ten years and promise to be with each other forever. However, one day Doo-ko develops errors and hurts Jin-goo. Jin-goo’s mom Ye-seon gets rid of Doon-ko without telling her son and purchases a new robot. But the new robot also develops strange symptoms. And Doo-ko keeps appearing in front of Ye-seon and Jin-goo’s eyes. The curse of a promise you can’t keep; what will be the end of it? (source)

Horror Stories 3 Detail

Horror Stories 3 is a sequel from Horror Stories (2013) and Horror Stories 3 (2013). Something that make different in Horror Stories 3 is the story is delivered in a unique setting borrowing the scientific fiction genre  This drama starring Im Seoul-Ong, Kyung Soo-Jin and Park Jung-Min. There are facts about them:

1. Im Seoul-Ong, who is the member of popular boys band 2 AM, in this year (2016) he also plays in Korean drama titled Mrs. Cop 2 (SBS) as Oh Seoung-Il. The latest movie starred by him before Horror Stories 3 was Late Spring (Bom) (2014) as young male bicyclist.
2. Kyung Soo-Jin, before plays in this movie, she played in a Korean movie titled Mourning Grave (Sonyeogoedam) (2014) as woman who acts different from her appearance. Meanwhile, the latest drama played by her was House of Bluebird (Parangsaeui Jib) (KBS / 2015) as Kang Young-Joo.
3. Park Jung-Min, in this year he plays in 3 Korean movie: Horror Stories 3, Unforgettable as Yong-Soo, and Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet as Song Mong-Gyu. He also plays in Korean drama: Entourage (tvN) as Lee Ho-Jin and Reply 1988 (tvN / 2015 - 2016) as Park Jong-Hoon (ep. 8).

This is the profile of this movie:

Title: Horror Stories 3
Hangul: 무서운 이야기 3: 화성에서 온 소녀
Revised romanization: Mooseowon Iyagi 3: Hwasungeseo On Sonyeo
Genre: Omnibus, Horror, Fear
Directed by: Baek Seung-Bin, Kim Sun, Kim Gok, Min Kyu-Dong
Written by:
Runtime: 94 min.
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Release Date: June 2, 2016

Korean movie Horror Stories 3 plays a role as a bridge between the first and second sequels, thus talks about past, present as well as future.

Horror Stories 3 Cast

Horror Stories 3 Korean Movie Main Cast
Horror Stories 3 Korean Movie Main Cast

Im Seul-Ong as Saengwon Lee
Kyung Soo-Jin as Soo-Jin
Park Jung-Min as Dong-Geun
Hong Eun-Hee as Ye-Seon

Horror Stories 3 Trailer


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