Lee Kwang-Soo, Profile and Facts

Lee Kwang-Soo is the original member of famous variety show in Korea, Running Man. He is a cast member that has been joining the show since the first time it is aired until now. He becomes famous and gain high popularity due to his contribution to the show as the unique member with special characteristic. He is known as the member with funny and witty personality that makes many viewers will burst into laugh everytime they see his actions. Besides being active as member of Running Man, he is known as great actor as well. He has joined as many roles in different movies and drama. He is not only known as famous artist but also warm-heart public figure that is loved by many people. Let's read about Lee Kwang-Soo, Profile and Facts below.

Lee Kwang-Soo
Lee Kwang-Soo

Lee Kwang-Soo Profile

Born in one district in Gyeonggi Province, Namyangju, South Korea, in 14 July 1985, leads him to study in special education. He studies in Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts. He enters the broadcasting development that expands his view and experience about acting. Lee Kwang-Soo enter several drama or TV series then. Due to his tall height that states at 1.91 m or 6 ft 3 inches he becomes ideal model for many fashion productions. Kwang-Soo starts his career as model at first before join to acting which is his base education. 

This is the profile of Lee Kwang-Soo:

Name: Lee Kwang-Soo
Hangul: 이광수
Birthdate: July 14, 1985
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 193cm.
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @masijacoke85
Instagram: @masijacoke850714

Lee Kwang-Soo is well-known artist that gets huge popularity due to his appearance in Running Man. His character is funny, witty, and cunning which best known as “Betrayer”.

Lee Kwang-Soo Facts

Even though he actually study as acting subject and have role in several drama but what makes him becomes widen popular and placed him as the best recognized artist known by world is because his appearance in best variety show that is popular in Korea, Running Man. There, he shows his unique character that is strong. His witty personality that is built with cunning and sly leads him as the most recognize member. Lee Kwang-Soo gets so many nicknames from his character in Running Man but the famous one is the “Icon of Betrayer”. It is because his appearance on the show that leads into many funny situations. 

Lee Kwang-Soo and Kim Jong-Kook Members of Running Man
Lee Kwang-Soo and Kim Jong-Kook, Members of Running Man

Other nicknames of Lee Kwang-Soo are the “Prince of Asia” that he gets when he visits China on special episode of the show. He gains numerous fans in most of countries in Asia like Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He is named as “Giraffe” because he has tall appearance that gives him another nickname as well as “Kwangvatar” related to one of character in Avatar movie. When watching the show, there is special background sound that is always played whenever he gets bullied or being fun of. It is St. Agnes and Burning Train by Sting.

After joining many dramas and movies, he appears in huge popular drama in this year, The Descendant of the Sun, as the cameo. Lee Kwang-Soo which is a best-friend of Song Jong-Ki being a guest actor that comes to the famous drama. Kwang-Soo also make an appearance in Dear My Friend where Ko Hyun-Jung becomes the lead female role there. As an addition, he makes an appearance on the upcoming drama that has been waited for many viewers today, Hwarang: The Beginning which leads by Kim Taehyung, one member of famous hip hop idol, Bangtan Seonyeondan.

Lee Kwang-Soo Movies

Confession (Joeun Chingoodeul) (2014) as Min-Soo
A Dynamite Family (Deoksuri 5Hyungje) (2014) as Officer Park
A Wonderful Moment (My Little Hero) (2013) as Jung-Il
All About My Wife (Nae Anaeui Modeun Geot) (2012) as Choi (radio show producer)
The Scent (Gantongeul Gidarineun Namja) (2012) as Gi-Poong (Kang Sun-Woo's assistant)
Love On-Air (Wondeopool Radio) (2012) as Cha Dae-Keun
Battlefield Heroes (Pyongyangsung) (2011) as Moon-Di 

Lee Kwang-Soo Drama Series

Hwarang: The Beginning (KBS2 / 2016) as Mak-Moon (special guest appearance)
The Sound of Heart (Maeumui Sori) (KBS2 / 2016) as Jo Suk
Entourage (tvN / 2016) as Cha Joon
Dear My Friends (tvN / 2016) as Yoo Min-Ho (special guest appearance)
Descendants of the Sun (Taeyangui Hooye) (KBS2 / 2016) as part-time worker (cameo)
The Girl Who Sees Smells (Naemsaereul Boneun Sonyeo) (SBS / 2015) as TV Show Running Man MC (cameo)
It's Ok, This is Love (Gwaenchana, Sarangiya) (SBS / 2014) as Park Soo-Gwang
Secret Love (Dramacube / 2014)
Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire (Boolui Yeoshin Jung-Yi) (MBC / 2013) as Prince Imhae
Potato Star 2013QR3 (Kamjabyeol 2013QR3) (tvN / 2013-2014) as movie director (ep.18)
Dating Agency: Cyrano (Yeonaejojakdan: Shirano) (tvN / 2013) as Choi Dal-In (ep.6-7)
The Innocent Man (Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakan Namja) (KBS2 / 2012) as Park Jae-Gil
Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Chonggagne Yachaegage) (Channel A / 2011-2012) as Nam Yoo-Bong
City Hunter (Siti Hyunteo) (SBS / 2011) as Ko Ki-Joon
Dong Yi (MBC / 2010) as Young-Dal
High Kick! 2 (Jibong Ddulgo Haikick) (MBC / 2009-2010) as Kwang-Soo
Here He Comes (Keubuni Oshinda) (MBC / 2008)

Lee Kwang-Soo Awards

Special Actor (mini series) ("It's Ok, This is Love") at 2014 SBS Drama Awards held on December 31, 2014.


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