Overman (Korean Movie), Synopsis, Detail, Cast and Trailer

Overman (초인) is a Korean movie that will be released on May 5, 2016 in South Korea. Directed and written by Seo Eun-Young, this drama starring Kim Go-Woon and Kim Jung-Hyun as lead role. The world premiere of this movie was in Busan IFF on October 2, 2015. This drama movie will be running for 103 minutes. Let's read about Overman (Korean Movie), Synopsis, Detail, Cast and Trailer below.

Overman Korean Movie
Overman Korean Movie

Overman Synopsis

Overman will tell the story of high school gymnast named Do-Hyun (Kim Jung-Hyun), who is ordered to perform community service as punishment for fighting. He winds up working in the library. There, he meets Soo-Hyun (Kim Go-Woon), a schoolgirl who comes to borrow books everyday. Finding her attractive, he talks to her and they gradually grow closer. Then Soo-Hyun recommends Do-Hyun to read a book. For the first time in his life, Do-Hyun reads a book. 

This love between a teenage boy and girl looks cheerful enough, but they are both suffering in their own way. Do-hyeon’s mother, a former actress, can’t even recognize her own son now due to dementia-most of the time she mistakes him for her manager-and Soo-hyeon isn’t who she’s pretending to be. Her real name is Se-yeong, and she’s on a mission to understand the reason behind her friend Soo-hyeon's suicide by reading all the books she borrows from the library. Will Do-hyeon carry on with his gymnastics? Can Se-yeong overcome her obsession with her dearly departed friend? Each of them face new choices.

Overman Detail

Overman is about a teenage love story and coming-of-age film in which the bright and wholesome protagonists bring joy throughout. This drama starring Kim Go-Woon as lead female role. There are the facts about her:

1. In this year (2016), she play in another Korean movie titled Will You Be There (Dangshin Geogi Iteojoorraeyo) as Yeon-A.
2. Before played in Overman, she played in a Korean movie titled My Brilliant Life (Doogeundoogeun Nae Insaeng) (2014) as Lee Seo-Ha.
3. She had just celebrate her 22th birthday in April 30, 2016 and has same month of birth with Kim Jung-Hyun, who play as lead male role in this movie.

This is the profile of this movie:

Movie: Overman
Hangul: 초인
Revised romanization: Choin
Genre: Drama
Directed: Seo Eun-Young
Written by: Seo Eun-Young
Producer: Park Young-Soo
Cinematographer: Jung Ki-Wook
World Premiere: October 2, 2015 (Busan IFF)
Runtime: 102 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Release Date: May 5, 2016

Overman Cast

Kim Go Woon and Kim Jung Hyun, Overman Korean Movie Main Cast
Kim Go Woon and Kim Jung Hyun, Overman Korean Movie Main Cast

Kim Go-Woon as Soo-Hyun
Kim Jung-Hyun as Do-Hyun
Lee Chae-Kyung as Psychiatrist
Seo Young-Hwa
Sin Woo-Hee
Kim Min-Seok III
Roh Gi-Young
Kim Mi-Soo
Kim Chul-Yoon

Overman Trailer


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