Bae Suzy, Profile and Facts

Bae Suzy is familiarly known by the public with its stage name as Suzy. She is born at October 10 1994. As you read this article you probably have some questions why it must discuss about her. In fact, she is one of most famous actress that is known by the fans which are spread out on many countries around the world. Instead of actress, she is also a singer specifically the South Korean singer. 

Bae Suzy
Bae Suzy

Suzy starts to be known by many people since her roles on the TV series entitled Dream high. On that TV series, Bae Suzy acts as Go Hye-mi. Instead the Dream High, others TV series starred by Suzy is entitled as Big that she role as Jang Ma-ri. The Bae Suzy careers develop greatly and she takes the offers to act on a movie entitled Introduction to Architecture that role as Young Yang Seo Yeon and on TV series at MBC entitled as Gu Family Book that role as Dam Yeo Wool. Under the JYP entertainment, Suzy is member of girl group Miss A.

Bae Suzy Profile and Facts

Bae Suzy is born at October 10 1994. Suzy attends Seoul Performing Arts High School. This is probably the indication that there is a talent to be an actress on her. However, before debuting on entertainment, Bae Suzy is a model of online shopping. Around 2009, she auditions for the Mnet Superstar K that makes it through preliminary rounds. Unluckily, she is eliminated ultimately. Yet, she catches attention of the scout from the JYP entertainment. With this, she becomes the trainee sooner. Once she joined the training for about one year, she is paired with the fellow members Jia and Fei. Once the additions of Min to the group, four of those are preparing for debuting as the Miss A. 

2010 is probably a lucky year for Bae Suzy since at this year; Suzy starts to get some jobs that can raise her popularity instead of joining on Miss A. Some Bae Suzy careers experiences are a host on Music show at MBC TV, Inkigayo, and many others great programs on TV. At 2010 also, she win the award as the category of Hot New star. Since then, she is continuing for hosting lots of events from the music shows even including awards ceremonies. 

Bae Suzy in Dream High Korean Drama Series
Bae Suzy in Dream High Korean Drama Series

Instead of joining the Miss A group, Suzy makes the acting debut when she is to be main female characters on the drama entitled Dream High. On this drama, Bae Suzy acts as Go Hye Mi. This drama is aired on the KBS2 TV from about January 3, 2011 up to February 28, 2012.

This is Bae Suzy's profile:

Name: Bae Suzy
Hangul: 배수지 (Bae Su-Ji)
Born: October 10, 1994
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 167 cm
Instagram: @skuukzy
Twitter: @missa_suzy

Bae Suzy Movies

The Sound of a Flower (Dorihwaga) (2015) as Jin Chae-Sun
Architecture 101 (Geonchukhakgaeron) (2012) as Seo-Yeon (past)

Bae Suzy Drama Series

Uncontrollably Fond (Hambooro Aeteuthage) (KBS2 / 2016) as No Eul
My Love From the Star (Byeoleseo On Namja) (SBS / 2013-2014) as Ko Hye-Mi (ep.17)
Gu Family Book (Gugaui Seo) (MBC / 2013) as Dam Yeo-Wool
Big (KBS2 / 2012) as Jang Ma-Ri
Sent From Heaven (Seonnyeoga Pilyohae) (KBS2 / 2012) as Would-be actress (ep. 26)
Dream High 2 (Deurimhai 2) (KBS2 / 2012) as Suzy (ep.15)
Dream High (KBS2 / 2010) as Ko Hye-Mi

Bae Suzy Awards

2016 (52nd) PaekSang Arts Awards - June 3, 2016
Most Popular Actress (The Sound of a Flower)
Instyle Best Style
2013 MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2013
Best Actress (mini series) (Gu Family Book)
Best Couple Award (Gu Family Book)
2012 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2012
Popularity Actress Award (Big)
(2012 (33rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards) - November 30, 2012
Popularity Award
2012 (48th) PaekSang Arts Awards - April 26, 2012
Best New Actress (Architecture 101)
2011 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2011
Best New Actress (Dream High)
Best Couple Award with Kim Soo-Hyun (Dream High)


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