Jung Yoo-Mi, Profile and Facts

Jung Yoo-Mi is a female Korean artist that has been active in acting career since she firstly steps in. Various movies and drama has been leads by her year by year. Let's read about Jung Yoo-Mi, profile and facts below.

Jung Yoo-Mi
Jung Yoo-Mi

Jung Yoo-Mi Profile

"Jung Yoo-Mi" who has born in 23 February 1984 has been known as active artist that always expand her career year by year. She has been cast and joins into different dramas and movies every years but her best performance that leads her as the best artist comes when she makes an appearances on both A Thousand Days’ Promise in 2011 and Rooftop Prince in 2012. She has been interest with acting since young. It leads her to enter Hanyang University and takes Theater and Film department to develop her acting career.

This is Jung Yoo-Mi profile:

Name: "Jung Yoo-Mi"
Hangul: 정유미
Birthdate: February 23, 1984
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Instagram: @_jungyumi

Jung Yoo-Mi is not only known as the popular artist that always has hectic schedule in both movies and dramas in Korea but she also joins to other movies on overseas country. She steps further his career in China firstly in 2007. She makes appearances in Leon Lai in Five Star Hotel. In 2012 she joins to China movie production again together. She starred the movie together with Gao Yuanyuan in Nobleman’s Path. On the next year in 2013 she is being casted as one of couple members in popular love variety in Korea, We Got Married along with Jung Joon-Young.

Jung Yoo-Mi Facts

Born in Bussan, South Korea, she starts her acting since young. Starring in Xylitol advertisement she becomes noticeable. She has been asked as many roles starting with main female role and supporting role in numerous dramas and movies. She has been active in entertainment since 2003. Jung Yoo-Mi has been casted into various dramas. It is counted that she has been casted more than 10 dramas which the exact number is 16 dramas starting in 2004 until 2016. Yoo-Mi has been joined to many moves as well.

Jung Yoo-Mi has been casted 17 role movies including overseas movies starting in 2002 until 2015. Her popular movie is You’re My Pet in 2011. Her career has been developed into many sides. She joins into famous variety show, We Got Married Season 4. As an addition, she has been starring some of music video such as “Not You, But Your Sister” of EZ-Life, “Girlfriend” Girlfriend” by Jay Park, ”The Sense of an Ending” on her paired couple WGM, Jung Joon-Young, and the last is “UUU” by Jung-In.

Jung Yoo-Mi at 2012 SBS Drama Awards
Jung Yoo-Mi at 2012 SBS Drama Awards

Jung Yoo-Mi has never been break in acting. She never stop develop her ability in entertainment world. This year, she joins her latest drama which is Master – God of Noodles. She becomes Chae Yeo-Kyung. Yoo-Mi with her great acting always shows bright acting and beautiful appearances. Her flawless character always perfectly suit for different female in many dramas and movies. She never stops to develop her acting prosperity year by year. She never feels tired or bored because acting is her life.

Jung Yoo-Mi Movies

The Tunnel (Teoneol 3D) (2014) as Eun-Joo
Love On-Air (Wondeopul Radio) (2012) as Nan-Seol
You're My Pet (Neoneun Pet) (2011) as Lee Young-Eun
Breakfast at Tiffany's (Tipanieseo Achimeul) (2009) *production halted
Someone Behind You (Du Saram Yida) (2007) as Lee Myung-Hee
Hwang Jin-yi (2007) as Yi-Geum
Wet Dreams 2 (Mongjunggi 2) (2005) as class president
Innocent Steps (Daenseo-ui Sunjeong) (2005) as Oh Mi-Soo
Cello (Chello Hongmijoo Ilga Salinsagan) (2005)
The Doll Master (Inhyeongsa) (2004) as woman in kimono
Greatest Expectations (Widaehan Yusan) (2003) as interviewee 2
Into the Mirror (Geoul sokeuro) (2003) as Doctor
Singles (2003)
Silmido (2003) as female student in bus

Jung Yoo-Mi Drama Series

The Master of Revenge (Master-Kooksooui Sin) (KBS2 /2016) as Chae Yeo-Kyung
The Secret Message (Sikeurit Meseji) (Naver TV Cast-LINE TV / 2015) as Ji-Soo
Six Flying Dragons (Yookryongi Nareusha) (SBS / 2015-2016) as Yeon-Hee
Maids (Hanyeodeul) (JTBC / 2014-2015) as Kook In-Yeob
Mother's Garden (Eommaui Jungwon) (MBC / 2014) as Seo Yoon-Joo
Wonderful Mama (Wondeopool Mama) (SBS / 2013) as Ko Young-Chae
Rooftop Prince (Oktab Bang Wangseja) (SBS / 2012) as Hong Se-Na / Hwa-Yong
A Thousand Days' Promise (Chunilui Yaksok) (SBS / 2011) as No Hyang-Ki
Dong Yi (MBC / 2010) as Jung-Im
The Jewel Family (Boseok Bibimbop) (MBC / 2009-2010)
Friend, Our Legend (Chingoo, Woorideului Jeonseol) (MBC / 2009) as Min Eun-Ji
The Great King Sejong (Dae-hwang Saejong) (KBS2 / 2008) as Da-Yeon
Heaven's Fate (Wang Ggot Seonnyeonim) (MBC / 2004-2005) as Moo-Bin's sister
Terms of Endearment (Aejeongui Jokeon) (KBS2 / 2004) as Maeng Han-ji

Jung Yoo-Mi Awards

2012 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2012
Excellent Actress (drama special) (Rooftop Prince)


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