Ko Hyun-Jung, Profile and Facts

Ko Hyun-Jung is known as best artist. Her best appearance is in the Queen Seondeok. She enters various entertainment fields that catch her heart. Let's read about Ko Hyun-Jung, profile and facts below.

Ko Hyun-Jung
Ko Hyun-Jung

Ko Hyun-Jung Profile

"Ko Hyun-Jung" has mixed life. She starts her acting career firstly in 1990. At the top of her career, she marries with famous taipan in Korea, apparently the grandson of main smart-phone product, Samsung, and decides to break her acting career. For almost 15 years she never joins to any entertain activity and focuses only to grown her children. With her husband, she has two children which are boy and girl. But on after several years they have divorced and Hyun-Jung lost her chance to live with her children.

This is Ko Hyun-Jung profile:

Name: "Ko Hyun-Jung"
Hangul: 고현정
Birthdate: March 2, 1971
Birthplace: South Korea
University: Dongguk University
Height: 172cm.
Twitter: @kohyunjung_iok

Despite of up and down life, she finally makes a comeback in 2005. Ko Hyun-Jung starts several dramas but the famous one that leads her as best artist in Korea is due to her strong character as Mishil in Queen Seondeok historical drama. She has been caught people’s eyes with her melancholic story drama yet shows her cunning and harsh character. She joins to some of dramas including her latest drama in 2016, Dear My Friend. Many people predict that this drama will get higher popularity as well.

Ko Hyun-Jung Facts

Even though she deals with several films including her last movie which is Miss Conspirator, Ko Hyun-Jung is also known as active artist that spread her wings in variety as well. She becomes a host on her own show in SBS channel TV named as GO Show along with Kang Ho-Dong and other hosts. Even though this show only air for eight month, it has been tracked as successful show. Her creativity is not only on entertainment field, she joins into literary fields as well by launching her book title Go Hyun-jung’s Texture which reveal her beauty secret.

Ko Hyun-Jung at 46th Paeksang Arts Awards
Ko Hyun-Jung at 46th Paeksang Arts Awards

Ko Hyun-Jung is known as best actress with strong ability. Her personality is always mysterious and somehow catches public’s heart. She has known to have split life back then. But now Hyun-Jung who is now Buddhism got people’s attention and sympathy with her warm and down-to-earth personality. She enters many fields that take her interest. She does not join into many dramas or movies every year.

She chooses movies that arouse her interest. She even joins into small screen and non-mainstream movies before agreed to do starring in commercial movies then. Ko Hyun-Jung now works on her own agency named as IOK company that she builds together with her brother. She always becomes people’s awaited artist where her acting is always anticipated by many people. She can always build strong character that she has learnt over years. She becomes one of the best Korea artists in the world.

Ko Hyun-Jung Movies

Miss Conspirator (Miseugo Peurojaekteu) (2012) as Chun Soo-Ro
The Day He Arrives (Bukchon Banghyang) (2011) as Movie Fan
The Actresses (Yeobaewoodeul) (2009) as Ko Hyun-Jung
Like You Know It All (Jal Aljido Mothamyeonseo) (2009) as Go-Sun
Woman on the Beach (2006)

Ko Hyun-Jung Drama Series

Dear My Friends (tvN / 2016) as Park Wan
The Queen's Classroom (Yeowangui Kyosil) (MBC / 2013) as Teacher Ma Yeo-Jin
Dae Mul (SBS/ 2010) as Seo Hye-Rim
The Great Queen Seondeok (Seondeok Yeowang) (MBC / 2009) as Mi-Sil
H.I.T (MBC / 2007) as Lt. Cha Soo-Gyung
Foxy Lady! (Yeowooya Mwohani) (MBC / 2006) as Ko Byung-Hee
Spring Days (Bom-nal) (SBS / 2005) as Seo Jeong-Eun
Sandglass (SBS / 1995)

Ko Hyun-Jung Awards

2010 (46th) PaekSang Arts Awards - March 26th.
Daesang Grand Award (The Great Queen Seondeok) (MBC)


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