Park Joo-Mi, Profile and Facts

Park Joo-Mi is the unique South Korean actress because of her great attention to her family. She plays the legendary queen in The King’s Dream where she gets an accident. Let's read about Park Joo-Mi, profile and facts below.

Park Joo-Mi
Park Joo-Mi

Park Joo-Mi Profile

Most of the South Korean actresses are prominent for their beauty. That also happens when we mention name Park Joo-Mi. She is one of the experienced actresses today because of her long track record. She starts her role in actress world in 1991 until now. Park Joo-Mi age now is 43 years old since she was born in 1972. She is a senior actress but the list of films where she becomes the part of it is actually not as much as other Korean actresses have. The result can be connected into her attention for her family.

This is Park Joo-Mi profile:

Name: "Park Joo-Mi"
Hangul: 박주미
Born: October 5, 1972
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 163 cm.
Blood Type: A

Different from some other actress, Park Joo-Mi gives more attention into her family than into her world. She married a businessman named Lee Jang won in 2001 and she has two children from him. Sometimes she temporarily retired from her role in actress world when her family situation needs her more for example during the time of giving birth to her son. Nevertheless, that does not mean that during the time she totally absent from the world since she still takes her role in some variety shows.

Park Joo-Mi Facts

In 2012, Park Joo-Mi gets a car accident that makes her to take a medication. She reappears again after her medication in 2014. Just like other South Korean actresses, she also gets the issue relating to the modern way of getting her beauty. It is said that she gets a Botox treatment but then stops it because that gives the bad side effect to her. She then uses only powder for her makeup and that becomes the reason for her natural beauty. 

Park Joo-Mi at The Last Princess Drama Series
Park Joo-Mi at The Last Princess Drama Series

Even if the list of Park Joo-Mi films is not as much as other Korean actress, but some of them are the legendary ones. Park Joo-Mi for example takes a role in The King’s Dream as the legendary Queen Seondeok in 2012. Some other television series where she takes a part are Eyes of Dawn as his debut in 1991, Walking All the Way to Heaven in the next year, One Thousand and One Nights in 1997, Ladies of the Palace in 2001, and the newest one entitled Blood. 

To be noticed, "Park Joo-Mi" has only one film where she takes her role that is Man of Vendetta in 2010. He becomes Park Min-kyung in the film. She has one nomination to be the excellence actress award in 2011 because of her role in Believe in Love but she does not win it.

Park Joo-Mi Movies

The Last Princess (Deokhyeongjoo) (2016) as Royal Concubine Gwiin Yang
Man of Vendetta (Pagwidwon Sanai) (2010) as Park Min-Kyoung
A Little Lover (Eolin yeon-in) (1994)

Park Joo-Mi Drama Series

The Flower in Prison (Okjoonghwa) (MBC / 2016) as Jung Nan-Jung
Blood (Beulreodeu) (KBS2 / 2015) as Han Sun-Young (Ji-Sang's mother)
King's Dream (Daewangwi Kkoom) (KBS / 2012) as Queen Sundeok (ep.8 as ep.18)
Gentleman's Dignity (Shinsaui Poomgyuk) (SBS / 2012) as Kim Eun-Hee
My Love, My Family (Sarangeul Mideoyo) (KBS2 / 2011) as Seo Hye-Jin
All In (SBS / 2003)
Ladies of the Palace (Yeoin Cheonha) (SBS / 2001-2002) as Ok Mae-Hyang
Ahjumma (MBC / 2001)
Guardian Angel (Suho Cheonsa) (SBS / 2001)
Heo Joon (MBC / 1999-2000) as Kong-Bin
School 2 (Hakgyo 2) (KBS / 1999-2000)
Sunpong Sanbuingwa (SBS / 1998-2000)


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